Local Area

If anything truly defines The Ritz Home Recreational Facility, it is the value we attach to lasting memories. Building upon a century of experience as hoteliers has endowed us with a rich tradition of hospitality.

We offer experiences that are authentically local. The Ritz Home Company has become well established in the hospitality and tourism sector in the past years in Mayuge District .

Mentioned earlier, The Ritz Home recognises the importance of sustainable tourism industry for Uganda and we are glad to present to you our tour experiences that will excite you when we host you here.

At The Ritz Home We are ready to take you through a full life story of the man of God and also take you around to his Memorial site.

You will visit the Memorial site of Mathias Mulumba Kalemba commonly known as St MatiaMuluba from the catholic Church. Kalemba was a member of the Soga tribe, born in Bunya County in Eastern Uganda.  He discovered that protestant prejudices about them were not true. On May 31, 1880 he enrolled as a Catholic Catechumen, but continued occasionally to attend Anglican Bible classes

He was killed at Namugongo, the traditional place of execution. His executioners butchered him, cutting off his limbs and tearing strips of flesh from his body, burning them before his eyes. His courage and endurance were extraordinary and the only sound that came from his lips were the words: “My God ! My God !”. The executioners then tied up his arteries and left him to die a lingering death. He is still remebered as the Uganda Martyr who died just for accepting and becoming a slave of Jesus.

At The Ritz Home , we shall take you through a full life story of the Saint, and tour with you the memorial site as you meet the most incredible welcoming people of Mayuge.


Experience Year round Bird Watching

The Bird waching around Buluba Landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria is spectacular, and over 50 different Bird species have been identified. you will get a chance  to join our resident Ornithologist on Bird watching trips by foot, car or even boat around the shores.

Bird watching around the Lake is exciting for both keen Ornithologists and beginners as there is such a wide variety of different birds to see. While at The Ritz Home, tours can be organized by our comprehensive tour Guide who will help you to truck and keep record of you adventure.

Sport Fishing at Buluba  on lake Victoria

Few places in the world offer the diverse  fishing opportunities like it is on the great Lake Victoria waters. Fishing is a limitless adventure with a long list of fish species in the Lake and most common here are, Nile perch, Tilapia, Lung and Silver.

With unlimited fishing hot spots around Victoria Lake, The Ritz Home will be your host at moving you around the Buluba landing site among others to always meet your expectations as you get plenty of advises from the locals and our management on where, how and when to fish